We're not meant to be alone.

Find A Group

At New City, we’re committed to community and helping people grow into the people God has made them to be.

We believe that happens best in community with others. We have two types of groups - growth groups and Alpha. We offer growth groups throughout the year, and we offer Alpha seasonally.

Growth Groups

Growth groups a place for you to connect with God and with community. They are aimed at helping you grow into who you were made to be. Each week, groups spend time hanging out followed by time in Scripture we will be talking about the upcoming Sunday.


Alpha is a safe place for you to ask questions. Got questions about God, life, or who you were made to be? Then Alpha is for you. Whether you've been a Christian a long time or are just interested in exploring faith, give Alpha a shot. It might change your life.

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Each group runs for about 10 weeks and then takes a break before restarting. These groups will run until Christmas.